iAccess Consultants

Since its establishment in 2010, iAccess Consultants has provided innovative solutions and education in the accessibility field across a broad range of sectors to ensure that inclusivity of all people is considered in built design environments. Expertise of our team has been utilised to provide functional, inclusive and technical advice to clients - usually architects, developers, building owners and project managers - concerning Accessibility and Inclusivity, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), National Construction Code (NCC), Universal Design principles (UD) and Consideration of Human Movement and Functionality.


20% of Australia’s population have access needs. iAccess serves to ensure that the built environment can be not only accessed, but easily and equally enjoyed by persons of all abilities. The detailing of the components of the built environment should always serve to enhance the overall experience. 

iAccess has, at its core, a strong belief that at the heart of accessibility in inclusivity, which is why we govern our practice by these key principles:

  • Individuality - We recognise ability of all

  • Interaction – Hear, listen and communicate

  • Independence - Access to built environments

  • Integrity - Dignity and Equity for all


iAccess’ primary service always has two end goals in mind. One, to aid our clients in complying with the law by identifying issues of accessibility throughout any of the stages of the development  process and in finding design solutions to ensure that the built environment continues to be a more inclusive and accessible place for all users. Importantly, iAccess also considers the end user and strives to ensure that the development and construction of built areas reflects the needs, dignity and humanity of all people. 

iAccess also educates in the field of inclusion and reform required across legislation and building code to better service the whole community. 

In its second decade, iAccess Consultants will continue to provide the same leading Access Consultancy work and also focus on broader community engagement programs, education and events