About iAccess Consultants


At iAccess Consultants we pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions and education concerning accessibility. We partner with building owners and building and construction professionals to ensure that people of all abilities can access the built environment with dignity and equity.

We embrace the minimum requirements designated in the statutory Codes and Standards while adopting universal design standards and approaches to solving access to the built environment.

Our vision is to ensure that the 20% of the population that have 'access needs' interact to the best of their abilities with the built environment and be uplifted by their experience.

We believe that the built environment must be able to be accessed and enjoyed by persons of all abilities. Through careful detailing of components and different elements of the built environment should enhance the overall experience and provide delight for all.

We are committed to providing outstanding service. We actively subscribe to a set of Core Values, which form the basis of how we conduct our business with you. These values relate to our daily code of conduct.

  • Individuality - We recognize ability of all

  • Interaction – Hear, listen and communicate

  • Independence - Access to built environments

  • Integrity - Dignity and Equity for all

We work with architects, developers and project managers.